Remaining Kabul peace voices

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16- Kabul University student Zahra Samadi:
Peace is a necessity of a given society for its development and prosperity. Its absence damages the social fabric. Unfortunately, all past peace efforts have failed to yield any positive result. With this in mind, we can’t be optimistic.
17-Student of law Hamasa Paigir:
Peace is a word that causes us palpitations. A peaceful country has a higher literacy rate, social development and progress. Insecurity in our homeland has brought us misfortunes, including crime and a whole host of threats. 

Sar-i-Pul residents vent their spleen against HPC

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1. Eng. Humayun Yaqubzada:
So far peace talks have not been result-oriented. Meetings with militants have been based on deals, as some fighters joined the peace process by surrendering Pakistan-made pistols. But they returned to the battlefield with rocket-propelled grenades and machine-guns. They have been slitting the throats of our children, with the peace council failing to produce any result. Negotiating with the enemy from a position of weakness has been sterile.
2. New City resident Tajuddin:

Peace parleys: Wardak residents for give and take

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1. Civil society activist Ahmad Javed Siddiqui:
No doubt, peace is the need of the hour but our leaders are pursuing the process like a project. The officials concerned have not been sincere, knowing little about popular aspirations. 
2. Schoolteacher Abdur Rahman Hijran:
Reconciliation is a reciprocal gesture, involving give and take. Our peace council comprises individuals who are neither acceptable to the masses nor to the insurgents. How can they manage to bring about peace?

Samanganis offer mixed views on peace parleys

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1. Government servant Ahmad Naveed:
The peace talks hare not result-oriented. And even if there is an outcome, we will see a repeat of what had happened during the Dr. Najibullah government.
2. Civil society activist Mohammad Kabir:
In any peace dialogue with the militants, the government must speak from a position of strength. The fighters should be weakened to the extent that they are forced to launch talks. 
3. Driver Haji Mohammad:

Islam sets great store by reconciliation: Zabulis

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1. Khak-i-Afghan tribal elder Barat Khan:
Life is hard without peace. As long as our neighbours do not sincerely support us, there can be no peace in Afghanistan.
2. Qalat resident Kabir Habibi:
The holy religion Islam, which itself derives from peace, enjoins upon its adherents to prioritise mediation. All warring sides should renounce conflict to bring about peace. 
3. Journalist Mohammad Hashim Wahdat:

Takharis: Success springs from security

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1. Journalist Shafiq Poya:
Peace is vital to development and stability, representing a clear way of life for humanity. We can reach this goal if we have a committed government, which keeps the dialogue door open, and an aware nation. Tribal elders and religious scholars, exercising their influence, should encourage the warring sides to peace-making by highlighting the benefits of reconciliations.
2. Civil society activist Iqbal Barazgar:

Faryab residents: Stability spurs success

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1. Government servant Syed Ahmad Shah Ghayasi:
Peace is vital to curbing war crimes, preventing tensions, banishing misfortunes and ushering in prosperity. War is not the only means of meeting one’s demands or grabbing power. In deference to the holy month of Ramadan, the warring parties should declare a ceasefire and come to the negotiating table. They should keep supreme the core national interest and respect fellow countrymen.
2. NGO worker Ali Asghar:

Panjsheris dead-set against dialogue with Taliban

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1. University student Mohammad Jafar Niazi:
I do not believe in talks among Afghanistan, Taliban and Pakistan. The reason is that Islamabad had been aiding the militants, and does not support peace in our country. Stability here will deal a severe blow to Pakistan’s economic programmes. We should not be duped.
2. Policeman Abdul Qayyum Qayyumi:
We are supportive of reconciliation that must come about at the earliest if Pakistan is true to its commitment. And if it is not, peace is unlikely in Afghanistan.

Nuristanis: Reconciliation central to development

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1. Provincial Council Chairman Eng. Saeedullah Nuristani:
A vital issue as it is, peace enables humans to streamline their day-to-day affairs and liberates people from fear and insecurity. As mentioned in the Holy Quran, peace is good and we want it, but are not satisfied with the government-led process. A clear policy has to be devised and implemented.
2. Agriculturist from Paron district Ajmal:

Logar dwellers: War leads to killings, poverty & disunity

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1. Padkhwab Shana resident Haji Mirwais Stanikzai:
Acutely hungry for peace in my motherland, I always pray to Allah to bless us with security and deliver the Afghans from misfortunes. We ask the warring parties to sit for talks because peace fosters brotherhood and uplift.
2. Pul-i-Alam inhabitant Haji Mohammad Amin:
Restoration of peace and security is the first and foremost demand of all Afghans. May God punish those betraying their motherland and our dignity. Stability in Afghanistan is my primary prayer.