Road Map for Achieving Peace

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The Next Chapter in the Afghan-led Peace Process
By HE President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani
Geneva November 28, 2018
Owning the Peace

Tragedy is a daily occurrence in our lives. Each week, we lose on average one hundred Afghans, from all walks of life. The scale of violence inflicted on us is tragic.

Framing the Kabul Conference of February 28, 2018

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A Consensus for Peace
Afghan stakeholders from across society, in consultation with the government and the High Peace Council (HPC), have reached a consensus on the desire for peace.   Women have been active in public discussions to safeguard their constitutionally guaranteed rights. Representatives of the Ulama, civil society, community leaders, entrepreneurs, farmers and laborers, professionals, political parties, students and teachers, and other social groups have highlighted the need for peace from their distinct perspectives.

Civil Society Coordination Centre’s strategy for lasting peace

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KABUL (Pajhwok): Led by the United States, international troops came to Afghanistan in 2001. Against popular aspirations and promises from world leaders, stability remains evasive. Unfortunately, the situation has been progressively deteriorating with each passing day and the conflicting taking on a more destructive form. Although some domestic and foreign circles insist on a military solution, we believe:
1. If the conflict had been resolvable militarily, we would have made progress toward stability in the past 11 years. But we see, the reverse is true;

A Guide to the Afghanistan Peace and Reintegration Program (APRP)March 2012

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For thirty years, the Afghan People have suffered and sacrificed to achieve peace. We Afghans desire not only short-term security, but a consolidated and sustainable peace. We must explore the sources of our differences . . . . We must find ways to bring those who are disenfranchised back into the fabric of our society, economy and polity. We recognize many have suffered – and like all Afghans – seek justice, prosperity, and security.
National Consultative Peace Jirga
Kabul, June 2010