4-Voices for Peace

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Title: Voices for Peace 
Publisher: Killid Group
Year of Publication: December 2013
Place of Publication: Kabul, Afghanistan
Based on information and evidence collected by Killid Group journalists in almost a year, the book seeks to help victims of war crimes and flagrant human rights violations make their voices heard.
The media group says it has been covering issues pertaining to transitional justice, reconciliation and peace process since 2008 with financial support from the United States Institute of Peace.
In 2012, Killid staff investigated war crimes and rights abuses. The findings were compiled in the form of a book on the emotive topic.
Before the Voices of Justice was published, the stories appeared in Killid and Mursal Weeklies, or were aired by Killid radio stations in different provinces of the country.
At the global level, the reports were released by the Rome-based news agency Inter-Press Service (IPS).  The 124-page book, containing harrowing narratives and memories, exposes war crimes and human rights violations in Afghanistan.

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