3- Conciliation and Peace

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Book title: Conciliation and Peace
Author: Amanullah Ludin
Published: The author himself
Year of publication: 2010
Place of publication: Kabul
About the book:
The 100-page book is mostly focused on ways and means of dispute resolution and ensuring peace. It is divided into three sections, with the first one highlighting confidence-building, reconciliation, elements of putting in place a secure environment, hurdles to peace, suggestions to students, the journey from conflict to peace and several other issues.
In the second part, the Islamic perspective on peace, the imperative of a harmonious life and religious teachings in this regard have been discussed along with other relevant issues.
Section 3 is devoted to Islam and peace-making, ways of armistice, emphasis on justice, peacekeeping and other topics. Also a university teacher, the writer says the book’s contents could be used helpful for teaching purposes; they can also come handy in terms of practical course.

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