2- Islam and International Peace

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Book title: Islam and International Peace
Author: Prof. Khwaja Kiramatullah Siddique
Published: The author himself
Year of publication: 2010
Place of publication: Kabul
About the book:
It investigates the peace subject from an Islamic perspective.  The 340-page book also deals in detail with the basic theme and related issues, such as the time when people did not have peace and the role of different faiths in this regard.
The author also discusses the role of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in strengthening peace and the Islamic world’s contribution I laying the foundation of international harmony. He also investigate other topics, with separate headings.
The book also touches on the scourge of global terrorism, as well as the clash of civilisations theory. The writer, a university teacher, confers on the peace issue in light of Islamic teachings.
In the preface, he writes: “Islam conveys the message of peace and guarantees unity among nations. Security is deeply linked to faith and peace to Islam.”

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