5-Peace & Security

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Book title: Peace & Security
Author: Mohammad Sharif Rabati Durrani
Publisher: Nomani Publication Society
Place of Publication: Kabul, Afghanistan
Date of publication: 2012
Authored by Durrani, a senior official of the Ministry of Haj and Religious Affairs, the paperback has two main portions.
Part one is comprised of the author’s articles and papers published in different publications of the ministry, particularly in the periodical called Payam-i-Haq. It has eight chapters.
Part two is the Dari translation by the writer of the Arabic magazine Strengthening is the Responsibility of Us All. Spotlighting the imperative of peace, the material has been added to the book.
It has a variety of articles under different headlines, dealing with the importance of peace from Islamic and social perspectives.
Peace is Better, Adverse Effects of War and Insecurity, Need for a Framework for Talks With Dissidents and Our Duties & Responsibilities on Road to Peace are some of the topics.

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