Peace is life and life is God’s blessing: Poet Ahmadi

Create: 08/04/2020 - 11:28

KABUL (Pajhwok): Poet and writer Gul Agha Ahmadi Wardak, who through his writing has been working for peace since years, says the people of Afghanistan demand peace in their prayers in the hope that their yearnings will bear fruit and God will accept their prayers.

Born in 1966 in the Guldara village of Jaghato district in Maidan Wardak province, Ahmadi is currently living in capital Kabul with his family.

Known for his peace poems, Ahmadi who holds a master’s degree, has served in different government institutions at different capacity.

Ahmadi spent most of his life working for peace in the war-torn Afghanistan. He authored ten books focusing on peace and has some unpublished work as well.

Some of his published books are --- Sola Pa Hadesono Ki (peace in Hadiths), Sola Pa Hokmonao Kai (Peace in Decrees), Sola Pa Seratono Ki (Peace in Characters), Sola Pa Nazarono Ki (Peace in ideas), Sola Pa Bansatono Ki (Peace in foundation), Sola Pa Shaksyatono Ki (Peace in Personalities), Sola Pa Nasrono Ki (Peace in Statements) and Sola Pa Sherono Ki (Peace in Poems).

Ahmadi said he wrote over 15,000 poems and more than 2,000 articles and pieces. The total number of his books is 77 in which 25 are published.

In an exclusive interview with Pajhwok Afghan News, Ahamdi said: “The 1979 bloody coup and incidents that followed affected me in childhood, but I started writing after the Mujahidin conquered Kabul when they were fully armed and started internal conflict. Civil war made everyone to cry and grieved every peace loving Afghan including me.”

“Allah Almighty mentioned peace as welfare in the holy Quran, it was the message of all prophets, Allah almighty sent His messenger whenever a situation worsened due to fighting, killings and disorder and it was the time when Allah Almighty blessed humans with his mercy. Peace produces trust among human being, multi-dimensional welfare, educational development, justice and blessing. Only peace can ensure justice among human being and all rights can be served only when there is peace and tranquility. Peace never harms human being and war never benefits human being. Every war irrespective the reason it results into the destruction of humanity,” he believed.

Ahmadi said: “I get bereaved over the killing and injuring of every Afghan. I felt saddened from the core of my heart over destruction of every Afghan’s home and every part of this country. War, conflict and hundreds of other arguments forced me to focus my writing on peace among Afghans, promoting love, good fortune, positive thinking, education, economy, information technology, agriculture and other areas and condemn conflict, war in my writing pieces.”

During the interview, Ahmadi stopped for a while and lost in thoughts and started uttering some poems, the meaning of which is following.

 In depths of darkness and awaiting a ray of hope,

I’m looking at the human picture in a life of misery

In the pond of tears, there are pearls of eyes

In the trail of sobs, I’m watching today's image

Placed in the casket of mourning are rays of light

I’m looking at the Afghan picture in the crying saloon

Ahmadi is hopeful about peace and says: “I admire every effort for peace and I am hopeful one hundred percent. I am optimistic that mine and efforts of millions of Afghans would yield result and peace would be established in the country. I see the eradication of groups hell-bent on war like dawn sweeps away the dark and see the ray of light with my eyes. I am sure that the ongoing illegal, brutal conflict in the country will end and the people of Afghanistan will be blessed with peace and security.”

Standing, sitting or walking, we desire peace

Hands cupped in supplication, we seek peace from the bottom of our heart

In impassioned prayers, we ask Allah for peace

We seek peace in our thoughts, views and actions

O, Good! Take mercy on our young and old

Help us take steps towards love, we long for peace all the time

Let bloody hands be infected with a pandemic

In the bloody trench of this land, we want peace

O, xenophile, disgrace slavery with your wisdom

We are aspiring for peace in a Kabul free of slaves

We are yearning for a friendship characterised by passion

And longing for peace around the tresses and forelock of our beloved

Lend colour to my anthem and songs of peace

Ahmadi craves for peace in the nib of his pen and in his ghazal

Peace is life

Referring to the importance of peace Ahmadi said: “Peace is important for the people of Afghanistan because their lives are connected with peace. Majority of Afghans are tired of the ongoing war, millions have been killed, injured, displaced and their homes, facilities and infrastructure are destroyed. Peace is vital for every Afghan because fighting offers an opportunity to Afghans to decide their future. Peace is vital for Afghans because it is the order of Allah and there is welfare in peace and only under the umbrella of peace, life becomes dignified and provides guarantee for development and prosperity.”

A peaceful life could offer people of Afghanistan the opportunities to prosper in education, cultural, economic, industrial, technology  and other areas so that our great nation joins the developed world, engage in positive competition in the region. “If I briefly say peace is life and life is blessing and Afghans need to live.”

Hurdles to peace

Ignorance, wrong interpretation of religion, applying foreign fatwas, being negligent about foreign intelligence agencies plans, love with money, weapons and war and being seduced to foreign persuasion remained obstacles to peace and prolonging war in the country.

In addition, he said, ignorance regarding the benefits of peace, being irresponsible regarding people and society, being brutal and coercive were constant policy of war and conflict and thinking that only war was solution and door to power were other forms of hurdles to peace.

He asked the people of Afghanistan to encourage love and peace so the current conflict could be replaced with peace and brotherhood.

Message to conflicting parties

Ahmadi said: “My message to the conflicting parties in Afghanistan is stop war and reconcile because there is no winner and loser in this conflict. History proved that the ongoing conflict, if analyzed from every angle --- National Interest, economy, system, education ---- was not in the interest of Afghans. In addition, every drop of blood being shed in this conflict has no legitimacy according to the teaching of Islam, he asked the warring sides to have mercy on the bereaved people.”

He added: “Most of the time foreigners are being blamed for the conflict in Afghanistan; I believe that foreigners in military or political uniform are brought by Afghans and offered them an opportunity to interfere in the internal matters of Afghanistan. Afghans should distance themselves from spy networks and consider the national interest supreme and reconcile. Peace is in our hand, if every Afghan invites their children, elders, youth and family members to peace, then instead of fighting our youth will get education, learn patriotism and this destructive war will end.”