Year-long Jawand land dispute settled after loss of 6 lives

Create: 07/16/2015 - 15:28

QALA-I-NAW (Pajhwok): The resolution of a year-long land dispute between two irresponsible armed groups has had a positive impact on the security situation in the Jawand district of northwestern Badghis province.
Provincial council member Mohammad Farid Akhizai told Pajhwok Afghan News the dispute over land ownership between Mullah Kabir and Amir Mohammad erupted a year ago. Both backing the government, the men have armed supporters.
Mohammad hails from Korich and Kabir from Gashak – villages lying cheek by jowl. The public representative says clashes over the land tract have killed two supporters of Kabir and four of Mohammad.
However, Akhizai noted with happiness an end to the dispute as a result of one month of efforts by tribal elders. The provincial council had urged the elders to intervene.  Both antagonists were summoned to the provincial capital several times as part of the campaign for resolving the problem.
But the issue lingered on, according to the council member, who explained the tribal elders showed a lot of determination in bringing about a patch-up between the rival sides. Having remained in a state of war and confined to trenches for months, they eventually agreed to bury the hatchet.
Akhizai adds: “The elders sized up the losses while handing down their verdict. The family of each victim was given 2.5 million afghanis or a piece of land worth it.” Kabir, who had lost four men, was more enthusiastic about reconciliation.
Mohammad was ready to pay compensation to kin of the dead but consistent efforts by the jirga members forced him to reach a comprehensive settlement with the rival party. “Personally speaking, I wasn’t part of this decision. However, elders from nearby areas were present on the occasion.
“The elders sought my suggestion and I told them to go to the jirga for the sake of peace in the area,” said the public representative, who also belongs to Jawand. Akhizai recalled the tensions that the dispute had spawned the district, acknowledging a clear improvement in the situation after the row was resolved.
Mohammad Hassan, an inhabitant of Korich village, was palpably happy with the development that he welcomed as propitious. He said the dispute had badly impinged on farming in the area. Residents could not work on their farms, fearing armed clashes between the two sides. Many families, which had migrated to safer areas, have now returned to their homes.
Jawand resident Abdul Hadi, who is currently living in Qala-i-Naw, commended the individuals who resolved the issue as a result of sincere efforts. He asked elders across Badghis to emulate the paradigm set by the Jawand chieftains and bring stability to their respective areas by resolving disputes.
In other parts of the province as well, he said, there were similar disputes that often triggered deadly clashes. Without giving details, many households were still locked in feuds, which tend to harm the security environment.
In the Quran, Allah invites Muslims to reconciliation and peace. He says in verse number 10 of Surah Hajarat: “The believers are but brothers, so make settlement between your brothers. And fear Allah that you may receive mercy.”
Religious scholar Qazi Mohammad Hasan Haqyar calls war with or killing of a Muslim a sin. Allah rewards those who try for peace between Muslims and preventing bloodshed, according to him. Killing one individual without any reason is like killing humanity and rescuing one person is like giving life to all people.