Unofficial Translation of the Resolution of Intra Afghan Peace Conference

Create: 07/17/2019 - 10:59

In the name of almighty Allah the most beneficent and the most merciful
Doha, Qatar
We, the participants of the Intra-Afghan Peace Conference held on 7 and 8 July 2019 in Doha – Qatar, hereby appreciate, thank and value the efforts of Qatar and German Governments for making peace in Afghanistan and hosting this event.
We the participants also express our greatest gratitude to the United Nations, Regional Countries, particularly, countries who have facilitated the negotiations for USA and intra Afghan peace conference and suggest continuation of these efforts towards establishment of real peace in our country.
From our point of view, dialogue and communication assist us to reach common ground concerning present and future of the country, and be able to tackle the barriers and obstacles towards mutual understanding. Therefore, all participants further emphasize on the continuation of the dialogues.
We, the participants hereby agreed on the following points achieving peace.
1- All participants have full consensus that achieving sustainable, throughout and dignified peace, that is the
demand of all Afghan people, is possible at the result of Afghan Inclusive negotiations.
2- Afghanistan is a united, Islamic Country and home for all equal and brother ethnic groups. Rule of Islamic system,
ensuring social and political justice, ensuring citizens’ rights, national unity, independence and territorial
sovereignty are the values that all Afghans has been committed to.
3-Throughout the history, particularly during the last 40 years, the Afghan nation has forfeited for the Islamic,
national values and independence, request international community, regional countries and national stakeholders to
respect those values. To not have Afghanistan witness of another war and conflict, intra-Afghan dialogue among
different levels of the society seems significant needs of the country. Thus, we request support of international
community, regional countries, national/internal figures for such an important task – that is the interests of everyone.
4-Since our people are the main victims of the war, we, the participants of this conference, see the following steps
necessary for making suitable conditions to have an effective intra-Afghan negotiation achieving peace:
a. The conflicting parties shall avoid using threatening, revenge and war demanding literature in our official
statements, but use soft language and literature instead.
b. The participants strongly support the current peace talks in doha and believe they are positive and
effective ways to end current imposed war in Afghanistan.
5-To create trustable environment for peace, protect people from war consequences and reduce the bad results of war
to the minimum the conflicting parties shall execute the following steps:
a. Unconditional release of elders, disables and sick inmates.
b. Ensure/guarantee the security of public institutions, such as Religious Madrassas, hospitals, civil
education and higher education institutions,markets/bazaars, water dams and working locations
all over the country.
c. Ensure/guarantee security of educational institutions, such as: schools, madrasas, universities, and all
educational institutions.
d. Commitment to protect the dignity of people, their life and property, residential areas and efforts to minimize
civilian casualties to Zero.
6- Assuring women rights in political, social, economic, educational, cultural aspects/areas in the frame of Islamic
Values and assuring the rights of religious minorities.
7- The participants of the conference agree that a roadmap for peace is based on the following norms:
a. Agreement on Islamic system in Afghanistan;
b. Start of the peace process simultaneously with the accomplishment of all terms and conditions;
c. Monitoring and observation of the peace agreement contents implementation;
d. Required reform, preservation and strengthening of fundamental institutions, defense establishments and
other national institutions that are the public property of all Afghans;
e. Repartition of refugees and IDPs of internal wars;
f. Discussion on new conditions for cooperation and know-how of relations with donor countries;
g. Affirmation and/or reaffirmation of peace agreements of Afghanistan through an international conference;
h. Get or achieve guarantee of no interference of regional as well as other countries in Afghanistan
through an International conference.
8-We support all efforts for peace in Afghanistan among them the resolution of intra-Afghan conference held on 5
and 6 Feb 2019 in Moscow. We request OIC, UN, EU and neighbor countries to confirm and support joint declaration
of Doha intra-Afghan conference on peace.