Takharis: Success springs from security

Create: 07/05/2015 - 11:18

1. Journalist Shafiq Poya:
Peace is vital to development and stability, representing a clear way of life for humanity. We can reach this goal if we have a committed government, which keeps the dialogue door open, and an aware nation. Tribal elders and religious scholars, exercising their influence, should encourage the warring sides to peace-making by highlighting the benefits of reconciliations.
2. Civil society activist Iqbal Barazgar:
Peace is a tested way of ending war between two individuals or parties. It is also a key factor behind the development of a given country. In Afghanistan, no sincere peace effort has been made so far. Both rulers and people are required to take determined and sincere steps for peace.
3. Schoolteacher Hasnia:
Peace is life, uplift, education and light. Man naturally happens to like stability, tends to see his wellbeing in peace. It is a realisation that brings us closer and paves the ground for literacy.
4. University student Irfan:
Peace means security and a halt to war. It happens when the masses join hands and render sacrifices for achieving this goal. Similarly, the government must have a strong political will for peace, the most important feature of global uplift. Without it, there can be no discipline and justice in society.
5. School student Saboor Khan Darmal:
In the absence of peace, there can be no education and all affairs of society come to a halt. Development plans could not be executed. There is no sense of security and one cannot even worship well. We should support every step that can lead to peace, a guarantee of ending the war and bringing security.
6. Grower Shukrullah:
In an atmosphere of peace, we can work gladly to make use of our creativity and skills. Additionally, peace enables our children to focus on their education and the country to make headway. Agriculture farms had been barren, roads ruined and health clinics non-existent some years ago when Takhar was in the thick of fighting. Now that the situation has improved, we should understand the value of peace that lends meaning to life.  
7. Housewife Sawaba Hussaini:
Peace denotes reconciliation, a secure life free of fear, respect for others, an absence of problems, understanding each other and fellow-feeling. Peace signifies mutual credibility, a blessing, parental love for children and filial respect for parents.
8. Artisan Bismillah:
Peace stands for efforts at reconciliation between warring sides, ending the conflict, paving the way for prosperity, employment, winning bread and shelter for children, security of life and reversing instability.