Samanganis offer mixed views on peace parleys

Create: 07/07/2015 - 08:46

1. Government servant Ahmad Naveed:
The peace talks hare not result-oriented. And even if there is an outcome, we will see a repeat of what had happened during the Dr. Najibullah government.
2. Civil society activist Mohammad Kabir:
In any peace dialogue with the militants, the government must speak from a position of strength. The fighters should be weakened to the extent that they are forced to launch talks. 
3. Driver Haji Mohammad:
In the presence of foreigners, peace will never come to Afghanistan. The country has been sold; there cannot be reconciliation.
4. Labourer Faizullah:
Without peace, life is full of problems, Eventually, Afghanistan will witness peace.
5. Grower from Khurram-O-Sarbagh district Abu Zar:
Peace is unlikely in Afghanistan, where talks with the fighters amount to a loss of time.
6. School student Juma Khan:
Peace is a very sweet word; we urgently need reconciliation. Our life would have been enjoyable if there had been security. 
7. Khurram-O-Sarbagh district resident Mullah Zabihullah:
The Afghans will earn Allah’s pleasure if they reach peace.
8. Sufi Shamsur Rahman:
I think peace talks are inconclusive. Even if we have 50 rounds of parleys, suicide attacks will continue.
9. Policeman Murad:
Tired of war, we want peace in the country. It will be good for all. 
10. Schoolteacher Lailuma:
A basic necessity, peace must be brought to Afghanistan at all costs.