Paktia inhabitants yearn for sincere peace process

Create: 06/29/2015 - 09:01

1. Tribal elder Haji Nazar Khan:
No questions should be asked about the need for peace, something that everyone desires. It must come about. We have seen so many rounds of conflict, political confrontation and other crises…The rulers and their armed opponents have sit across the table; there is no other option.
2. Youth Society member Mohammad Rafiq Zurmati:
Youth are a large part of the society, used by all warring parties and hence the worst-hit by the war. In the same way, they can be most useful in bringing about peace. They can call their peers to peace from a variety of platforms, including schools and universities.
3. Paktia University student Faridullah Ahmadzai:
Indubitably, peace must be priority number one. It should come about as soon as possible, but there are some hurdles in the way of peace. These impediments have to be cleared before peace talks begin. The opponents are taking undue advantage of the government’s flexible position on the issue.
4. Poet and writer Mohammad Zahir:
A peace dialogue opportunity is on the horizon. The government and its armed opposition must seize the chance. For the past 13 years, the rebels had been unwilling to talk to the government or civil society on peace. But now there is a fair chance of doing so.
5. University teacher Arifullah Haqparast:
All people are optimistic of peace, which they desperately need. But certain factors have deprived us of this huge blessing. Learning from the bitter experiences of the past 13 years, the government must change its stance to translate its slogans into a reality.
6. Civil society activist Anar Gula:
Civil society and women have neither been given a due say nor their views sought with regard to the peace process. The government itself has been the sole actor, with no input from the people, who can offer useful experience and suggestions.  
7. Zurmat-based shopkeeper Arif Gul:
Insecurity takes a heavy toll on his business, which has been going from bad to worse. Many people have been affected and rendered jobless. If there were peace in the district, everyone would have been better-off.