Nuristanis: Reconciliation central to development

Create: 07/04/2015 - 10:21

1. Provincial Council Chairman Eng. Saeedullah Nuristani:
A vital issue as it is, peace enables humans to streamline their day-to-day affairs and liberates people from fear and insecurity. As mentioned in the Holy Quran, peace is good and we want it, but are not satisfied with the government-led process. A clear policy has to be devised and implemented.
2. Agriculturist from Paron district Ajmal:
A precondition for security and progress, peace paves the way for prosperity. Like all other countries, Afghanistan needs peace. One can judge from the ongoing process, peace is unlikely to come about. The government has no viable plan.   
3. Grower Abdur Rahman:
Peace is extremely important, in that it leads people to progress. Nuristan is ideal for farming if there peace in the country. Residents of other provinces would come here to sell agriculture produce. 
4. Shopkeeper Abdul Rauf:
The citizens of a peaceful country enjoy a prosperous life and offer good services to the world. Look at the developed nations, their peoples are engaged in constructive activities, boosting their national revenues and exporting us their products.
5. University student Abidullah Nuristani:
Security would have enabled the Afghans, including students and traders, to go out of and come to Nuristan. We are yearning for peace, progress and security, a life free of fear.
6. Civil society activist Musa Shami:
Peace is Allah’s command, as enshrined in the Holy Quran. I believe peace is more important than anything else, as it is central to development. Decades of fighting and lack of peace have hampered Afghanistan’s progress.
7. Political analyst Jamaluddin Badar:
Without peace, life and development are unlikely. In sum, it is crucial to life, particularly in Afghanistan, which has been in the grip of violence. In my opinion, the HPC cannot measure up to the challenge. Since peace is the only way out, the rulers should take serious steps in this regard.
8. Government servant Abdul Ghafoor Ahmadi:
Afghanistan is a Muslim country that should follow the Islamic teachings about peaceful coexistence among the people. All of us are duty-bound to make joint efforts for peace. The government and parliament should convene an extraordinary session to debate a balanced peace policy.
9. Agriculture Department worker Din Mohammad Labib:
Muslims have the duty to bring about reconciliation between the people, as mentioned in the Quran. Similarly, Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) says the best of people are those who strike patch-up between the warring sides. Lack of peace has brought us many troubles, including migration. Therefore, we should work for it.
10. Teacher Training College Instructor Mohammad Amin Hamid:
Where there is peace, there is prosperity and social harmony. Every society can make headway because of peace. The government should step up the peace drive and mount pressure on neighbours to bring the insurgents to the negotiating table.