Nimroz dwellers divided on utility of peace parleys

Create: 06/25/2015 - 13:45

1. Provincial council secretary Haji Niamatullah:
Having dropped their previous stance, the Taliban have either to support the government or surrender to the Islamic State. To my way of thinking, the government should exercise greater caution in talking to the militant movement by refusing to give them too many concessions.
2. Zaranj schoolteacher Fazal Karim Rasuli:
Peace is a viable option, but a dialogue must be held in keeping with a well-thought-out strategy. Such a plan must include the views of both sides, as well as public perceptions.
3. A Zaranj-based shopkeeper:
The Taliban and the government are poles apart. Negotiations, in my opinion, will prove sterile. The ruling coalition has two leaders, each seeking to implement his own suggestion. The Taliban are also divided in several factions, with different visions.
4. Civil society activist Abdul Hadi Baidar:
Making peace with the Taliban has become an international process, not confined to the Afghans. The authorities must tread cautiously, keeping supreme the core national interest.
5. 8th grade student Abdullah:
We should form a government in the real sense of the word before talking national reconciliation.
6. Government servant Khalid:
A spate of recent meetings and conferences involving the Taliban are going to be futile. Pakistan, not the Taliban, is behind the ongoing turmoil in Afghanistan.
7. Culturist Abdul Qadeer:
Every Afghan needs peace and security. People will welcome each step toward that goal, because their homeland has been wrecked by three decades of conflict.
8. Women’s rights campaigner Fareshta Sher Mohammadi:
If both sides are really eager for negotiations, peace can be achieved.
9. Artisan Saber:
The Taliban’s objective is to gain public recognition as a force to be reckoned with. Bent upon war and not interested in peace, they seek to grab all power and are not content with a share in it.
10.  Worker of Women’s Affair Department Amina:
Each conflict brings peace in its wake. The government is ready, but the international community should force the Taliban into reconciliation.