Logar dwellers: War leads to killings, poverty & disunity

Create: 07/02/2015 - 14:57

1. Padkhwab Shana resident Haji Mirwais Stanikzai:
Acutely hungry for peace in my motherland, I always pray to Allah to bless us with security and deliver the Afghans from misfortunes. We ask the warring parties to sit for talks because peace fosters brotherhood and uplift.
2. Pul-i-Alam inhabitant Haji Mohammad Amin:
Restoration of peace and security is the first and foremost demand of all Afghans. May God punish those betraying their motherland and our dignity. Stability in Afghanistan is my primary prayer.
3. Naqibullah Hussaini:
We will never enjoy security and prosperity if our government does not think about peace on a priority basis. Demanded by each Afghan, peace can steer our country out of the present torment. Security, reconstruction, education, training and a thriving life are all linked to peace.
4. Adalat Abdur Rahimzai:
The Afghans are simply hungry for nationwide peace, whose nonexistence will further vitiate the situation and we will continue to be killed on one pretext or another. The individuals who have been part of war should have no role in the peace process, a mechanism that needs to be amended.
5. Mohammad Agha district resident Ismatullah:
We can no longer tolerate the ongoing wave of homicide in the country and urge the warring sides to sit across the table in deference to the holy month of Ramadan to negotiate an end to the conflict. No side can achieve its objectives at gunpoint. Only more Afghans will be martyred and our country devastated.
6. Provincial council member Mohibullah Saleh:
Each Afghan has a passionate desire for peace and a life full of love, brotherhood and security. Our future generations will thrive only if the war ends.
7. Amputee from Porak village Miraj:
The predicament I am going through is a corollary of war. If there were peace in our country, why I would have had my legs blown off. For the sake of this holy month May God banish war and bring peace to our country.
8. Baraki Barak resident Lailuma:
The flames of war have afflicted almost every Afghan household. I ask the government, its armed opponents and the international fraternity to take pity on our long-suffering nation. Everyone must ignore petty personal interests to strengthen peace.
9. Charkh tribal elder Haji Siffatullah:
Peace is in the interest of everyone. If peace continues to elude Afghanistan, the world will also feel insecure. Negotiations are the only way to achieve this goal. Neither the US nor Afghan security personnel could enforce peace by using force.  War kills people and leads to poverty, illiteracy, disunity and displacement of people.