Jawzjanis count blessings of peace, harmony

Create: 06/28/2015 - 09:01

1. Shiberghan farmer Nek Mohammad:
Peace is vital to social life, including farming and other positive things. In peace and tranquility, we can steer our society to prosperity. So we are trying for inclusive peace to make Afghanistan one of the developed countries.
2. Shopkeeper Baseer:
Stability enables us to continue with our business and serve the people. In the current situation, peace is a basic requirement of our society. It is in an environment of peace that people can realise their aspirations.
3. Civil society activist Baheshta:
A healing balm for wounded hearts, fostering love among the people and paving the ground for development, peace is what every member of society is thinking about today.
4. Handicapped Najibullah:
An ugly phenomenon, the flames of war have hurt the Afghans for the past 30 years, leaving thousands of households in a state of mourning. It has maimed so many people, including me. Having lost both feet, I want a halt to the conflict.
5. Student Zakia:
In a peaceful atmosphere alone, we can go to school to continue our education. As I interpret it, peace is light, a blessing and the door to greatness.
6. Kindergarten teacher Farida:
Peace guides us to lofty ideals, including the ability to give our children a sound education and training. In peace, we can inculcate humanitarianism in them an popularise among the people the culture of fellow feeling and empathy.
7. Driver Fattah:
We can benefit from peace, carrying people from one province to another. It can bring us together, nurture friendships and create an atmosphere of fellow feeling among the people -- values that will have positive effects on all drivers.
8. Journalist Nargis Ansari:
I hope to send all people positive signals and news full of happiness about peace and stability. I can better appreciate the anguish of my compatriots, understanding that peace is a primary requirement that can rid us of war and destruction.
9. Religious scholar Mohammad Rasool Mujahaz:
All countrymen are thinking about peace -- a sweet word hanging on all lips. Prophetic teachings also underline peace as an imperative for social development. To stay unaffected by negative phenomena and the devastating effects of war and destruction on our lives, we should strengthen bonds of brotherhood among ourselves to reach peace in compliance with Allah’s orders.
10. University student Frozan:
The province I am living in is among the few blessed with ethnic harmony. Security helps me a lot to attain lofty ideals and complete my university education. This is a good fortune one can achieve only in an environment of peace.