Islam sets great store by reconciliation: Zabulis

Create: 07/05/2015 - 11:23

1. Khak-i-Afghan tribal elder Barat Khan:
Life is hard without peace. As long as our neighbours do not sincerely support us, there can be no peace in Afghanistan.
2. Qalat resident Kabir Habibi:
The holy religion Islam, which itself derives from peace, enjoins upon its adherents to prioritise mediation. All warring sides should renounce conflict to bring about peace. 
3. Journalist Mohammad Hashim Wahdat:
Peace is the most basic need of life. Citizens of a country without peace cannot enjoy any facility. The Afghans, ruined by war, understand the value of peace.
4. University student Yaqub Sharafat:
It is peace that greases the wheels of reconstruction, economic development, education and prosperity. The followers of Islam, a religion of amity, have to set store by peace.
5. Schoolteacher Zar Ghootai:
Sisters and mothers will weep as long as peace eludes us. More deeply affected than men, women will not heave a sigh of relief. Deprived of shelter by the war, each woman desires reconciliation.
6. Shamalzai district dweller Abasin:
Allah orders all mankind to follow the path of peace. Citizens of a country without peace -- the promise of a better tomorrow -- are deprived of all facilities of life.
7. Shah Joi resident Dr. Malakuddin Ahmadzai:
A happy state of mind, peace is the real relish of life. Good luck is tied to it. Our leaders and scholars, exercising their social influence, should contribute to the reconciliation drive.
8. Shopkeeper Rozi Mohammad:
Muslims are brothers, who should strike a patch-up if they fall out. We can learn a lot about peace by studying the life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), who reached reconciliation even with non-Muslims. The Hudaibiya Treaty is an illustrative example of the Muslims sacrificing their gains for the sake of peace.
9. Civil society worker Zabeeh Andar:
Peace is a fundamental requirement and a divine blessing for any society, particularly for the backward and impoverished Afghans. All citizens, government officials, students, teachers or farmers, are in need of security and can play a role in stabilising their country.
10. Tribal elder Ghazi Mohammad Zargai:
If there were peace, we would have been able to live a life of happiness in our hometown. Insecurity has forced me from my home in Atghar district and live in a rented house. Our only prayer concerns peace.