Faryab residents: Stability spurs success

Create: 07/04/2015 - 11:15

1. Government servant Syed Ahmad Shah Ghayasi:
Peace is vital to curbing war crimes, preventing tensions, banishing misfortunes and ushering in prosperity. War is not the only means of meeting one’s demands or grabbing power. In deference to the holy month of Ramadan, the warring parties should declare a ceasefire and come to the negotiating table. They should keep supreme the core national interest and respect fellow countrymen.
2. NGO worker Ali Asghar:
For Afghans, peace is a thought lost and a forlorn hope. Strengthening security in this country, tied to Western and Eastern powers, is beyond Afghanistan’s capacity. If they do not want, peace will not come to our country. Our leaders should draw on national unity and Afghanistan’s geostrategic location in Asia to bring normality to the country.
3. Shopkeeper Mohammad Azim:
Without the blessing called peace, we cannot work, our kids cannot go to school and people cannot worship well. Foreign meddling, particularly by Pakistan’s spy agency ISI, is fuelling the war. They do not want the Afghans to find their way to peace. They equip the Taliban and Daesh to kill us.
4. Cobbler Syed Yousaf:
I am a graduate from the Balkh University. For some time, I worked for an NGO that had to be closed down by insecurity. Thus I lost my job and started repairing boots and shoes. Many educated youth are unemployed, doing hard labour or going abroad. The antagonists should stop shedding the blood of their countrymen and ravaging their homeland by making peace.
5. Defence lawyer Mohammad Naseer Hakimi:
Lighting up all aspects of life, peace has vital importance to society…Implementation of Islamic teachings, enforcing social justice and citizen rights guarantees real peace.
6. Handicapped Mohammad Hashim:
Peace and good health are Allah’s blessings. Having lost one of my legs in a blast, I have had the bitter taste of war. I also realise the value of both health and normality. I feel embarrassed while begging. The government and the Taliban should renounce the war. War victims, their families and orphans should be assisted and the special people provided with jobs.
7. Political worker Ms. Yuldoz Masroor:
If we remove the causes of tension and insecurity, we can achieve peace and development. Peace rescues people from destruction and poverty and enables them to live alife of satisfaction and enjoy basic freedoms and rights.
8. University student Amina Mukhliszada:
In each society, peace is the only way of development and helps utilise the latent talents and capabilities of progressive people and youth. In peacetime, we can enjoy our right to freedom, learning and teaching. Peace is to students, particularly women, what blood is to vessels. In its absence, life, teaching and learning are impossible and women cannot win equal rights. When a society is peaceful and secure, its members strive for development and prosperity.
9. Civil Society Network member Shah Raza Munshizada:
Peace guarantees the happiness and success of society, while its absence creates hurdles to life. The warring factions must stop fighting for the sake of peace and security in Afghanistan.
10. Provincial Council Chairman Syed Abdul Baqi Hashimi:
Peace must a priority for a country that has been wrecked by 30 years of strife. Security boosts the economy, facilitates education and ensures a life full of happiness. Given its present composition, the High Peace Council cannot realise this goal. We need neutral and impartial individuals to act as peace negotiators.