Farah people take a swipe at HPC performance

Create: 06/25/2015 - 08:43

1. Civil society leader Baryalai Ghafari:
Neither the Karzai administration nor the present government has worked sincerely for peace. To keep influential political figures busy, the US and the Karzai government constituted the panel. Apart from spending huge sums of money, the council has nothing to show in terms of progress toward reconciliation.
2. Asadullah Naibi, a Political Science graduate from the Kabul University:
Aalso slammed the council as an inefficient entity. He said most of HPC members lacked impartiality and hence doubts about their role in peace-making. All peace gestures have been ostentatious.
3. Farah Society of Arts head Mohammad Anwar Ramesh:
I’m convinced that the US held the key to peace in Afghanistan. Pakistan is under the influence of America and Britain, implementing Western projects in Asia to counter Russia, India and China.
4. Provincial council member Dadullah Qane:
The Karzai government paid mere lip-service to the campaign against narcotics, counter-corruption drive and peace process. Even the incumbent rulers had no serious plans for peace-making with its armed opponents.Pakistan and the US did not desire restoration of peace to Afghanistan. The recent informal meetings and Taliban’s stepped-up diplomatic efforts could be useful.
5. Council member Jamila Amina:
Karzai made more serious efforts than the Ghani administration to bring peace to the country. Substantial changes are needed in the council’s composition. Only neutral individuals could effectively negotiate peace with the insurgents.
6. A student of law at a private higher education instituteMohammad Ibrahim Shakir:
Reconciliation is the need of the hour. However, the Afghans must not pay too heavy a price for peace. The post-Taliban system, despite imperfections, has made good achievements like freedom of expression, media independence, women’s education, enforcement of the basic law and the democratic order. 
7. Pushtrod district resident Mir Hamza:
Being a grower, I know nothing about governance. What I do know is that security was much better during the Taliban regime. The Afghans are tired of war and the concomitant trail of death and destruction. We want the government and the Taliban to let us enjoy a life of peace.
8. Khak-i-Sofaid resident Abdul Ali:
Joblessness is a huge impediment to peace. Thousands of educated youth are jobless and they may swell the ranks of Taliban and Daesh.
9. Bala Baluk dweller Bin Yamin:
The warring sides must renounce the conflict. Over the past 13 years, we have been unable to sleep even one night with a sense of security. Our village has been the scene of fighting, day in and day out.