Daikundi residents tie development to peace

Create: 06/27/2015 - 08:31

1. Student Ghulam Nabi:
International peace has been a longstanding yearning of mankind. Strengthening world peace has a direct link to human rights. Members of a society sans stability are bound to suffer and hence efforts by human rights watchdogs and civil society to secure peace.
2. Civil society activist Mardan Fazel:
Peace is tied to individual and social economic growth, ensuring the development and security of each country. A state with durable stability remains on the road to development and prosperity. Afghanistan should also try to ensure the security of each individual. 
3. Handicapped Mohammad Danish:
Being a social phenomenon, everyone needs peace. Over the past few decades, many of our compatriots have been martyred or maimed. Under peaceful circumstances, all people can take part in the reconstruction and uplift of their homeland.
4. Provincial council member Hadi Rahimizada:
Man needs peace as much as he requires fresh air for breathing. In the absence of peace, the foundation of national unity is shattered and life becomes tense for all.
5. Legal expert Rehmat Shariati:
Peace and life are two sides of the same coin. Afghanistan will make progress only if it takes steps to ensure peace -- the foundation of a happy existence. Lasting stability and security is regarded as the first step toward development.
6. Religious scholar Ali Mohammad Ahmadi:
All segments of society should live in peace. History shows that all aspects of cultural development are linked to security. Our leaders have always emphasised on peace and security in light of Ahadit. A society without peace will never make progress.
7. Women’s rights campaigner Laila Hussaini:
A basic human need, peace is central to a life of dignity. Knowing that respect is tied to stability, all nations are endeavouring for peace. Men and women and all other strata of society are part of this effort for lasting peace. 
8. Journalist Lal Mohammad Rifat:
All forms of human happiness can come about in the presence of lasting peace. The Afghans should join hands to bring permanent stability to their country.
9. Shopkeeper Mohammad Jan:
Peace is the foundation of a prosperous society -- a window on a harmonious existence. We will not be able to achieve economic development or eke out a fair living for our children in the absence of security.
10. Government servant Hameeda Hussaini:
Peace is the road to development, protecting the rights of the people, particularly women’s rights. Under peaceful circumstances, women can make their presence felt by participating in Afghanistan’s reconstruction.