Balkhis seek swift and streamlined peace drive

Create: 06/25/2015 - 14:17

1. Civil society activist Najibullah:
A household without peace cannot lead a prosperous life. Similarly, peace holds the key to an Afghanistan that is stable and thriving. In the absence of peace, development, education, training and other affairs of a society cannot proceed well.
2. Tribal elder Haji Mohammad Qayyum:
Because of intolerance, our homeland has been in trouble. Even now, fighting is ongoing in many parts of the country. Peace is the only way for us to sort out all our issues. In chaos, we cannot differentiate between friends and foes. If this situation persists, God bless Afghanistan!
3. Social worker Mohammad Sarwar:
In the past 12 years, Afghanistan has made significant headway. Governance affairs in different fields, including in anti-corruption measures, are worth praising. Operating space for some warlords has shrunk. But this progress will become more durable when we devise an effective peace strategy.
4. Balkh University student Mohammad Jan:
The government should prioritise restoration of peace, considering domestic and foreign aspects of the process. Efforts for stability have been for a decade, but they have not yielded the desired outcome. Since the process has not been managed intelligently, the situation has further deteriorated.
5. University student Seema Muradi:
Beyond an iota of doubt, peace is a stark necessity. However, we have to analyse the factors that have brought about this urgency. Gains of the past 12-13 years, such as freedom of expression and women’s rights, must be preserved. Peace will have no value if these achievements are damaged.
6. Mazar-based shopkeeper Mohammad Rafiq:
The Afghans want nothing but a peaceful life from their government. We are happy with what has been done in the past few years, but seek an end to the war, bombings and barbarism. We have the right to demand this much. For the sake of Afghanistan and its long-suffering people, make peace with whoever the insurgents are.
7. Civil society member Zehra:
I believe all problems facing Afghanistan today are tied to the absence of peace. The war does not allow us to get closer to one another. There is no other way except concrete steps by the rulers toward peace.
8. Teacher Training College instructor Ghulam Ali:
We are caught up in many problems, all stemming from the ongoing conflict. Peace is the best way of ending the war and our government should pursue it seriously.
9. School student Shahla:
Our leaders should step up the peace drive. As fresh reports of fighting surface on a daily basis, the war has converted schools into security posts in many areas. These circumstances are not favourable for the wholesome training of our youth, who could face more serious threats if honest peace efforts are not made.
10. Tribal elder Akhtar Mohammad:
We have been crying for peace over the past decade, and get optimistic at times. Unfortunately, however, there is no ray of hope yet. We could reach peace neither with the insurgents nor with politicians. Life becomes miserable when the war rages on. While urging a sincere peace endeavour, we assure the government of solid public cooperation.