Badghis residents stoutly support peace negotiations

Create: 06/28/2015 - 09:01

1. Civil society activist Abdul Qader:
The success of any Taliban-government negotiations is directly linked to Pakistan’s sincerity because the insurgent movement is under the influence of the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI). I hope the Taliban, as Afghans, will do a bit of soul-searching about peace. 
2. Social worker Mustafa:
The Taliban’s meetings with representatives of the government and women in Doha and Oslo show their willingness for peace. Let’s keep our fingers crossed. God will pave the ground for stability.
3. Aab-i-Kamari farmer Abdul Bais:
The Afghans should pin hopes on every meeting that is held in the name of peace with the insurgents. Our people should welcome such initiatives.
4. Qadis-based shopkeeper Naqibullah:
These gatherings are not going to be result-oriented. The Afghans have little faith in such meetings. No one can guarantee peace in Afghanistan. Neighbours and other states must stop meddling in our homeland.
5. Maqur grower Zmaray:
Only sincere peace meetings are acceptable to the people, who openly reject farcical moves in the garb of reconciliation. This is my personal view.
6. Aab-i-Kamari schoolteacher Noor Mohammad:
A year back, our town was declared a peace district, which is currently in the grip of intense fighting. Leaders of Afghanistan and neighbouring countries are not serious about peace. I have no faith in these meetings.
7. Provincial council member Farid Akhtarzai:
As an Afghan citizen, not as a public representative, I request all warring factions to go for peace. I am sure there will no losers.
8. Civil society member Haleema Rahpema:
I am pleased with the recent meeting between Afghanistan’s women lawmakers and the Taliban in Norway. The Taliban, who did not want to look at women’s faces, agreed to meet female MPs. Like all other people, I support all peace initiatives. We are tired of war and welcome reconciliation.
9. 11th grader Abdul Sami:
The Afghans are responsible for bringing peace to their country. Being a student, I cannot be a supporter or opponent of any side. But there are individuals who do not want a peaceful Afghanistan. For one, I back peace parleys.
10. Taxi driver Habibullah:
11. Not familiar with political problems, I firmly support all moves and meetings aimed at peace.