Mullah Omar died in April 2013, Taliban confirm

Create: 08/31/2015 - 14:21

On June 29, Afghan government officials had told media Omar had died in a hospital in Pakistan’s port city of Karachi. But they gave no further details of the one-eyed leader’s demise.
Omar’s death was also verified by Pakistani officials, who shared the information with the Afghan government. The Afghan cabinet discussed the issue following confirmation by Pakistan.
“Mullah Omar died two years and four months ago of tuberculosis. He has been buried on the Afghan side of the border,” a former Taliban minister then told a Pakistani newspaper.
A senior member of Taliban’s diplomatic delegation in Qatar, Mullah Tayeb Agha resigned last month to protest why Omar’s death had been kept under wraps for such a long time.
On Monday, the Taliban released a 13-page biography of their new leader Mullah Mansoor in five languages. They announced Mansoor’s appointment.
According to the Taliban, Omar died on April 23, 2013. However, the militants have said nothing yet about his ailment. They argued the news of his death was kept secret to prevent a possible negative effect on the fighters’ morale.
“The Taliban Leadership Council, religious scholars and Omar’s close companions, who remained with him till his demise, have pledged allegiance to Mullah Mansoor,” the movement said.