Kandahar Peace Library spreading peaceful mindset

Create: 02/26/2020 - 17:00

KANDAHAR CITY (Pajhwok): Hikmatullah Ihsan, who daily visits the Peace Library in Kandahar City, the capital of southern Kandahar province, says every individual should raise voice for peace so this dream comes true.

The library is established by some civil society activists. Besides studying different books in the library, Ihsan discusses peace related issues with friends and exchange their views.

Ihsan, 25, says he desired peace like all youth of the country and insisted every individual should work for peace and raise their voice.

He said the Peace Library offered a peaceful environment for youth in Kandahar City.

Referring to a group of youth sitting in the corner, he said new youngsters visited the facility every day and engaged in discussions on peace.

Ihsan said it was necessary that the masses should get awareness regarding peace besides individual efforts.

He said the creation of Peace Library helped eradicate extremist and violent mindset among youth and made them aware of the importance of peace.

He believed that durable peace could be established if every individual of the country worked for the cause.

Sardar Mohammad Sarwari, another Kandahar youth who visits the library, said he when he first time heard the name of the Peace Library, the name encouraged him to visit the facility and study some material.

He said such healthy activities could spread awareness regarding peace and prevent youth from violence.

Sarwari said: “Being residents of this country, we have huge responsibilities to bring peace to this country. We should make our brothers who at the behest of others have taken up arms and are killing their brothers to realize the importance of peace.”

He said youth recently conducted civil activities nation-wide to encourage peace and voiced for an end to the conflict. Ulema issued fatwas regarding fighting. All these efforts helped create suitable condition for peace in the country, he said.

“The difference between the Peace Library and others is that everyone can come here without any hesitation and the most important thing is that everyone discusses peace here.”

Monawar Ahmad Wahidi, a civil society activist and founder of the Peace Library, said that peace was a natural demand of not only humans but all living creatures, therefore every member of society should work for peace.

He said as part of this mission, he established the Peace Library with support of other colleagues.

He said for this purpose he launched books collection campaign with his 30 volunteer colleagues, adding that finally they were able to collect 40,000 books from every field in Pashto, Dari and English languages.

He said all these books were at the disposal of common people in a peaceful and calm environment.

Wahidi believed peace could not be established by an individual, asking the masses to stand up and voice for peace in the country.

He said his library was open from dawn to dust and up to 100 youth, elders, students visited the facility for study.

Referring to the ongoing peace efforts, he said the Afghans should have been given monitoring right and decision making right in this process.

He called on international community to brief Afghans fully on the ongoing peace efforts and avoid taking decisions behind closed doors.

Kandahar Cultural Department Director Hikmat Afghan termed the establishment of Peace Library and other similar facilities as beneficial.

“Youth comes together here, they discuss peace related matters and finally an academic environment is created.”

“If peace is established in the country, the mindset is not changed, then peace will never be durable,” believed Afghan.

Referring to the importance of peace, Afghan said his department organised peace poetry sessions in the city and peace theater and disseminated peace messages.