Peace messages of the late HPC chairman Burhanuddin Rabbani

Create: 05/01/2011 - 11:39

The Holy Quran describes peace as the source of light and prosperity. Allah has ordered us not to just sit and watch while groups of Muslims fight each other. Instead, we as Muslims must invite these groups and persuade them to move toward peace and prosperity. For more than thirty years the people of Afghanistan have encountered disaster and bloodshed.  Until today no day goes by without parents losing children and children losing parents in our beloved country. These circumstances affect the Afghan people both psychologically and economically.
Peace is the only option that can help us out of our current situation. It’s not possible to save the Afghan people from poverty, homelessness, illiteracy and sicknesses without peace and stability. War spreads hatred, destruction and bloodshed while peace keeps a nation on its feet and helps to avoid hatred, destruction and bloodshed. War not only badly affects our worldly affairs, but also our religious obligations.
The High Peace Council (HPC) was established in accordance with the recommendations of the Peace Consultative Jirga. Members of the HPC come from various backgrounds.  The Council consists of Jihadi leaders, religious scholars and other well known personalities. This Council is determined to try its utmost to bring peace and stability to Afghanistan. The Council will make every effort to ensure that the culture of brotherhood overpowers the culture of bloodshed. But spreading peace is not only the responsibility of the HPC – it is also the responsibility of the people of Afghanistan.
The HPC requests that the Taliban stop attacks on their own people and join the peace process so that we do not wrong in the name of Islam. The Taliban must come to the negotiating table and express their demands peacefully rather than through acts of hostility.
Let’s put a full stop to the carnage and, instead, choose to be on the side of peace and prosperity.  Let’s help make Afghanistan free of foreign interference, and let’s write our destiny with our own hands. This can only be achieved if we ensure that the transition process is supported and that all obligations are successfully carried out.
The situation of Afghanistan is interconnected with the future of the region. If war and destruction is spread in Afghanistan, it will certainly spread all over Asia. Therefore we request from the countries in the region and the international community that they work full heartedly to help bring peace to our war torn country.

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