Interim govt setup discussed in Qatar talks: HIA

Create: 05/07/2015 - 11:52

KABUL (Pajhwok): The delegates discussed an interim government setup in Afghanistan during the two-day talks between Afghan officials and Taliban in Qatar, a representative from Gulbadin Hikmatyar-led Hizb-e-Islami (HIA) who attended the meeting said on Thursday.
Pugwash, a Canadian based organization, organized a seminar in Qatar in which a twenty-member Afghan delegation discussed peace process in Afghanistan with an eight-member Taliban delegation.
Qareeb-ur-Rahman Saeed, a representative of HIA told Pajhwok Afghan News in an exclusive interview that he, Dr. Ghairat Bahir, another HIA representative Eng. Qutbuddin Hilal, Maulvi Attaullah Ludin and Maulvi Shehzada Shahid also represented HIA during the talks.
Several other ministers, officials and Dr. Abdul Qayyum Kochi, President Ashraf Ghani’s uncle, Dr. Farooq Azam, Sayed Ishaq Gilani, Haji Rohullah, Wahidullah Shehrani, Anwar-ul-Haq Ahadi participated in the conference, he added.
Saeed said that representatives from UNAMA also attended the conference. He added that 44 members attended the closed door conference.
“Pugwash organized the round table conference with the consent of Taliban,” he said, adding that Sher Mohammad Abbas, Taliban’s leader of the delegation, was given enough time during the discussions.
Saeed said: “We always strive for peace and stability in the country and we always ask the government officials and international community for peaceful solution to the problem. War is imposed on us by others and fighting is not solution to the problem.”
He said that most of Taliban’s demands were same as that of HIA and they had the opportunity for one-to-one meeting in friendly environment. Taliban acknowledged that they attended the meetings with approval of Mullah Mohammad Omar.
Taliban demanded withdrawal of foreign troops, interim government setup in Afghanistan, removal of key Taliban leaders from UN blacklist, release of Taliban captives, opening of political office for Taliban, provision of women rights according to Quran, stop human rights violation in Afghanistan, changes in constitution, cooperation from neighboring countries for their support in peace process and several other issues were discussed during the course of meeting.
Saeed said Taliban criticized the existing corrupt political system in Afghanistan.
All the representatives emphasized on holding such gatherings in future. Taliban delegation opposed the presence of Afghan government officials and HIA suggested government should not create hurdles if they could not facilitate such dialogues.